5 Minutes With…Tom Dufraing, Managing Director of EGSSIS

Tom Dufraing of EGSSIS

In a series of interviews with experts from the Energy One Group, we talk to Tom Dufraing, Managing Director of EGSSIS, about the past, present and future.

Can you give us an overview of EGSSIS?

EGSSIS (pronounced ‘egg-sis’) is a Belgian-based service provider in the European energy sector. It provides energy scheduling and nomination software and associated 24/7 trading services to European gas and power market participants.

Energy One recently acquired 100% of the shares of EGSSIS, meaning that EGSSIS joins eZ-nergy and Contigo as part of the Energy One group of companies.

Tell us about yourself Tom, and how EGSSIS came about

I’m one of the four founders of EGSSIS. It all started in 2008, after nearly 10 years of valuable experience with a Belgian gas pipeline operator.

The energy landscape changed in early 2000, when the Natural Gas market was being liberalised. We saw that courageous new entrants started taking market share from the incumbent players, in the days when regulators were finetuning the initial market rules.

In that period, myself and three colleagues were running a 24/7 Operations centre for the pipeline operator; I can tell you that those were such exciting and energising times that it made us finally take a big decision.

We wanted to serve new entrants by offering our expertise through Software & Services. And that – in a nutshell – is how European Gas and Shipping Services and Information Systems was born; we use the name ‘EGSSIS’ for short.

As a small start-up, we were driven by our dream and our goal: to share our expertise and be a facilitator in the opening of the energy markets.

We were on top of the market and side by side with our clients. The hard work created sustainable growth and brought us to where we are today.

Your passion and dedication have certainly helped EGSSIS rise to the top. What do you think has helped to make EGSSIS the company it is today?

Collaboration. A few years ago, we spotted our friendly neighbours, eZ-nergy, and we noticed that we were very complementary. We couldn’t ignore these talented guys, who we met at various events in Europe. I can tell you that I’m very excited that Energy One spotted that complementarity after having acquired eZ-nergy.

How is the future shaping up?

It’s looking very strong. We now have a unique opportunity to build one big service provider, making us the market leader in Europe.  Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS form the European division of the Energy One Group and we have the capability to offer software and 24/7 dispatching services to any player in the Gas and Power market. 

It’s an honour and a pleasure to be part of this promising group.

It sounds like you’re settling into the Energy One family very well and have exciting times ahead.

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