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Ecotricity moves to Contigo’s enTrader for ETRM solution

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The world’s first green electricity company, Ecotricity, has selected Contigo’s award-winning enTrader as its new, fully integrated ETRM solution.

Contigo is also providing Ecotricity with its enVoy communications framework, which simplifies the process of sending and receiving energy industry data to Transmission System Operators in the European power and gas markets.

Contigo won the contract after Ecotricity viewed seven providers and shortlisted three.

Ben Gatley, Head of Trading at Ecotricity said: “Ecotricity is a rapidly expanding business, which, over the last few years has more than doubled its customer numbers, built many new wind generating sites and expanded the number of companies it deals with from a trading perspective.

“However, using our old ETRM solution was limiting what we could do, and we had to keep finding new ways around it.  We have moved to Contigo’s enTrader as our ETRM solution, because the company could deliver an excellent fit with what we need.

“The flexibility of the ETRM software is very important to Ecotricity. We want to have the ability to add functionality and do things differently, without it taking months and lots of consultants to implement. With Contigo’s enTrader we will be able to do a lot ourselves, simply, and we see this as a key benefit. With the data being logically stored in SQL, it has made it efficient and straightforward to develop reporting structures out of the system.

“The implementation process has been good and to schedule, taking six months from start to finish. It included migrating a lot of data, but this was done quickly as enTrader can bring in data via spreadsheets.

We are delighted to be working with Contigo and utilising enTrader and enVoy to evolve our Trading processes. They offer a way for us to remain a cutting edge and flexible arm of a leading energy supplier without the problems and unnecessary complexities of some of the more cumbersome ETRM solutions

Ben Gatley , Head of Trading, Ecotricity

Contigo managing director at the time, Adrian Bullock, comments: “We are delighted that Ecotricity has selected enTrader and enVoy, which use the latest technology and simplify energy trading and data communication. Ecotricity is a modern energy trading company that requires a modern and flexible ETRM solution, and we are confident that enTrader will be an excellent solution to help the company continue to innovate and grow.”

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