Contigo speaks to CTRM Center: Recruitment, revenue and enFlow process automation tool enhancements

April 2021 – The second half of the year is proving to be very busy for Contigo and sister company eZ-nergy, says Contigo CEO Simon Wheeler in the latest blog from CTRM Center.

Half-year figures released by parent-company Energy One in Australia reveal that Contigo’s revenues were up 26% for the 12 months to December 2020, and eZ-nergy is growing its client and staff numbers already this year.

In addition to a drive in recruitment and responding to a number of RFPs and RFIs at Contigo, the company is also working on several projects and developing its product roadmap and enhancements.

As a CTRM Thought-Leader, Simon also shares insight into the latest areas driving demand and interest; chiefly PnL explainers, integration, reporting and getting data out of ETRM systems.

enFlow enhancements

A major enhancement for Contigo and the Energy One Group is the upcoming modifications to the UI for enFlow, the Group’s business process automation software.

The solution, which is seeing more widespread adoption within Australia and Europe, is having a new UI added, so that the tool can be used more easily by non-programmers.

enFlow is purpose-built for the energy industry and has been designed to improve productivity, reduce workload and business risk, simplify workflows and improve integration across systems.

The software can automate processes such as PPAs, energy bid preparations, nominations, flows, B2B transactions, settlement processes, certificate management, outage management, maintenance management and more.

It provides many options to work with counterparties and enables direct integration with trading and operation software solutions, such as Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) products, pricing engines and notification tools.

With interest in automation at a high level, Simon can see great potential for enFlow within European energy trading.

Read the full article on CTRM Center here.

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