Contigo works with Lacima

“Risk management is becoming even more important in today’s complex and challenging energy market. As the provider of modern energy trading software solutions, we wanted to create a best-of-breed risk module for our software.  We are delighted to have worked with leading analytics specialist, Lacima to achieve this.  Our enTrader® Analytics Module will support businesses in their decision-making for profitability and growth, through its VaR analysis”, says Adrian Bullock, Managing Director of Contigo.

The easy-to-use module, which is fully integrated into enTrader, supports European power and gas markets, in multiple currencies, and allows fast and accurate calculation of risk metrics, with comprehensive risk reporting capabilities. It provides the risk metrics automatically, in near real-time, and in a way which can be tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation. The risk calculation can be viewed across all trades, or broken down by commodity, region or even trading desk, to give risk managers information on their exposure to risk at any given time.

CEO and Lacima co-founder, Chris Strickland, comments:  “We are excited to have worked with Contigo to embed Lacima’s risk technology into enTrader; together it produces a seamless integration between deal and data capture and the calculation of risk metrics. It eliminates the need for users to ‘bolt on’ risk engines, as they currently do with most other ETRM vendors to get sophisticated risk analytics, and we believe that this will provide a major advantage.”

For more information on enTrader and the new enTrader Analytics Module, please contact us.

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