Emerging technologies – Interview with Tim Rogers

Gary Vasey from Comtech Advisory recently interviewed Tim Rogers, Head of Sales and Business Development at Contigo to discuss emerging technologies affecting the energy market. From this interview we created four short videos identifying how our Contigo ETRM software can support businesses to take advantage of new technology advancements to increase their commercial agility and increase efficiencies.

In these videos, Tim highlights the key functionality that Contigo and other ETRM vendor systems should provide given the leading edge technologies that are currently available. He also discusses possible future trends that could affect energy trading in the near future.

Part I of the interview gives an overview of the technologies that we are seeing develop and how they can be beneficial to businesses operating in the energy market. Contigo’s ETRM positions businesses to be able to take advantage of these new market offerings to improve efficiency and agility.

Watch the video here:

Part II of the interview looks at our Contigo ETRM and the benefits customers gain as a result of newer technologies.

Watch the video here:

Part III of the interview focuses on day ahead and intraday trading styles and how our Contigo ETRM effectively supports these trading patterns.

Watch the video here:

You can view the full interview onWatch the video on Comtech Advisory’s site here:

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