Energy Trading – Maximising Profit and Minimising Risk in the age of Change

We conducted research in 2018 to identify the views of energy traders, senior managers, Consultants and IT managers working in organisations including energy retailers, energy wholesalers, consultancies and energy generators in Europe and the UK.

71% of people we surveyed agree changes in the energy sector create exciting opportunities while 73% of people find it hard to understand developments such as Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data.

Based on this research we created a white paper, looking at the changes impacting on energy trading and what businesses need to consider in order to future-proof their systems – from pricing volatility, to the move to day ahead and intraday trading, innovations such as Cloud, Blockchain and Big Data, as well as regulatory changes.

Our white paper outlines the changes that businesses can respond to and take advantage of in order to maximise profit, minimise risk and stay ahead of the competition.

Click here to view the survey results.

Click here to download the White Paper.

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