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Contigo provides energy trading and risk management solutions across generation, wholesale and retail businesses.

Contigo has a rich history in energy commodity trading. Founder members, the management team and staff have backgrounds in energy utilities and trading firms, in a variety of positions. The company has deep business and technical knowledge, spanning power generation, wholesale trading and retail portfolio management. This puts Contigo in pole position for those selecting Trading and Risk Management solutions.


Contigo delivers portfolio management systems with extraordinary power and simplicity to global energy markets.

With origins in the UK, all products have been designed to cope with the complexity of UK and European energy, with ready-to-use functionality ‘out of the box’. These markets are changing rapidly, and energy firms demand fast deployment when entering new markets or enabling product capability. European Power and Gas, Cross Border, Storage, Capacity, Carbon, FX: Contigo specialises in delivering its expert systems in these diverse and changing markets.


The electricity generation industry is undergoing some of its most fundamental changes for decades.

Generators and aggregators use Contigo’s systems to manage demand profiles against capacity and portfolios. For these firms, flexibility of managing short-term demand fluctuation and physical delivery of power to the grid is critical.

Contigo’s integrated systems provide this flexibility and reliability. The company’s delivery teams have vast industry experience which allows it to deliver the right solution with minimum implementation times.


The European energy retail space is also evolving; driven by technology, consumer demand and legislation.

Contigo’s products deliver end-to-end process value by storing data in an accessible format, and managing that data using a uniquely elegant architecture.

The resulting accessibility drives retail specialised tools which enable customers to create retail tariffs, manage hedge strategy and retail portfolios in incredibly dynamic ways.


Complex portfolios require their management to be as simple as possible.

enTrader is designed with ease of use in mind. Cross commodity management of wholesale portfolios is a vital component for large and small portfolios.

enTrader enables the front, middle and back office to manage the complete position, using book structures which can be as complex or simple as the user requires. Financially settled or for physical delivery, enTrader seamlessly manages the entire trade lifecycle.

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