Martin Thomas joins ETRM software company Contigo Software Limited as its new Product Manager

Contigo appoints energy industry expert as new product manager

Contigo Software Limited is pleased to announce it has appointed energy industry expert, Martin Thomas, as its new Product Manager.

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Contigo has enhanced the risk management capabilities of the enTrader ETRM product with the introduction of a highly functional Monte Carlo VaR (Value at Risk) module, that provides an alternative way to calculate VaR for a trading portfolio.

Contigo enhances its enTrader ETRM solution with Monte Carlo VaR functionality and Nord Pool day-ahead connectivity

Contigo is constantly enhancing the features and functionality of its software and implementing its product roadmap. Two new features will soon be available within  enTrader to enhance the system’s capabilities and make energy trading both smarter and simpler: A Monte Carlo VaR (Value at Risk) module and enhanced Nord Pool day-ahead connectivity.

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Questions to ask your ETRM vendor

Questions to ask your ETRM vendor – Part 2

Last month, we posted some technical questions worth asking of an ETRM vendor if you’re considering using their solution.

Today, we answer more key questions that we might be asked by businesses considering our enTrader ETRM software.

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Enhancements to enFlow, Energy One's business process automation solution

Contigo speaks to CTRM Center: Recruitment, revenue and enFlow process automation tool enhancements

April 2021 – The second half of the year is proving to be very busy for Contigo and sister company eZ-nergy, says Contigo CEO Simon Wheeler in the latest blog from CTRM Center.

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A complete energy trading solution for Europe and beyond from Contigo and eZ-nergy

A complete energy trading solution for Europe and beyond

As part of the Energy One Group, Contigo is able to provide a complete suite of energy trading software solutions for Europe and the UK in collaboration with sister company, eZ-nergy.

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Questions to ask your ETRM vendor

Questions to ask your ETRM vendor – Part 1

If you’re in the field of energy trading and you’re looking for a new ETRM solution, what questions should you be asking potential vendors?

From our experience, there are technical questions worth asking your ETRM vendor before you commit to implementing their solution.

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EnergyOne's enFlow as an energy-focussed RPA tool

EnergyOne’s enFlow as an energy-focused RPA tool

Explore an insightful interview with Energy One Limited’s Chief Information Officer on how our group’s RPA tool, enFlow, came to be, how it can be used, and how it helps users.

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In the right direction

CEO Simon Wheeler talks of customer successes, exciting roadmap developments and enhanced automation with CTRM Center.

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Smarter, Simpler Energy Trading

At Contigo, we are proud to offer enTrader®, a robust, purpose-built ETRM solution.

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Contigo helps to deliver festive cheer to children

At Contigo, we are very proud to be supporting South Birmingham Community Food Bank with a donation of 160 chocolate advent calendars.

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Automate your operations the smarter, simpler way

Automation is one of the hottest topics in the field of energy trading at the moment. Here at Contigo, we are proud to offer a purpose-built, cloud-based automation solution.

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Contigo implements its cloud-hosted ETRM solution for CCS

Contigo implements cloud-hosted ETRM solution for Crown Commercial Service

Contigo Software Limited has implemented its cloud-hosted enTrader® ETRM solution for Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

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Manual or automatic? Go with the (en)Flow…

With much talk of automation within the world of commodities, Contigo’s parent company, EnergyOne, shares details of its automation tool that was built with energy commodities in mind.

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Contigo sponsors High Growth Traders Forum

Contigo sponsors Energy Trading Week High Growth Traders Forum

Contigo Software Limited is pleased to announce it is sponsoring this year’s High Growth Traders Forum at Energy Trading Week.

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Contigo looks ahead with continued optimism

Full of Energy

Contigo CEO, Simon Wheeler, shares news of our booming business, perfect partnerships, recruitment drive and what’s keeping us busy in the latest edition of the CTRM Center blog

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Why spreadsheets don’t always add up…

Should spreadsheets be relied upon for energy trading? Or is there a better way?

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Crown Commercial Services chooses Contigo's cloud-based SaaS, enTrader

A Crowning achievement

Contigo Software Limited is pleased to announce that Crown Commercial Services (CCS) has selected our enTrader product for its Cloud Energy Trading and Risk Management solution.

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eZ-nergy joins Contigo Software as part of the Energy One Group

Making it eZ

We are delighted to welcome eZ-nergy to our family, following the completion of the French company’s acquisition by our parent company, Energy One Limited.

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CTRMRadio interviews Contigo CEO Simon Wheeler and eZ-nergy CEO Johann Zamboni

Joining forces for a collaborative future

In the latest edition of CTRM Radio, the industry-insight podcast from CTRM Center, Gary Vasey talks to Contigo CEO, Simon Wheeler, and eZ-nergy CEO, Johann Zamboni, about the collaborative future that lies ahead for the two sister companies

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Contigo adding VaR model and market connectors

Contigo builds new connections

In his latest interview with CTRM Center’s Gary Vasey, Contigo CEO, Simon Wheeler, explains how the company is working on new integrations for its ETRM software solutions.

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