enFlow is an essential tool for businesses looking to increase agility and productivity.

Dedicated to the needs of the Energy industry, this business automation platform supports day-to-day functions for electricity, gas, environmental and carbon trading operations.

In a competitive, fast paced energy market, businesses need to increase productivity, reduce cost and eliminate risk. To remain ahead of the competition and take advantage of market opportunities, smart, effective decisions need to be made rapidly.

enFlow is designed to swiftly provide critical data needed for decision support and to automate laborious and complex processes including basic reading of emails to intelligent forecasting and evaluations. enFlow enables businesses to free up human talent to be used more effectively.

From simple processes to complex calculations, typical uses for enFlow include: –

  • Management of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – such as validating operating schedules against contractual limits
  • Managing settlement of PPAs and similar contracts for small portfolios without an ETRM
  • Executing complex calculations such as those used in forecasting and valuation
  • Performing settlements for complex trades in an ETRM and export results back to the ETRM
  • TSO nomination, capacity and storage
  • Manage certificate inventory and registry transactions
  • Decomposition of shape profiles into standard tradeable blocks and import onto ETRM
  • Effortless retrieval of the latest credit ratings, pricing data and other critical decision-making data and import directly to your ETRM

enFlow can be configured in-house without technical expertise, enabling you to support bespoke business, trading or reporting workflows. Businesses can simplify the most complex operational processes for gas, electricity and renewable markets, wholesale, generation or retail.

Features: –

  • Ready-made templates for operational processes including; nominations, bid preparation, settlements
  • User design console with easy to configure design tools
  • Automation of information gathering required for market decision-making from a variety of sources including; in-house systems, market systems, counterparty systems, weather, brokers etc
  • Built-in algorithmic tools to allow user configuration of analytical and settlement calculations
  • Configurable data submission utility for B2B interactions
  • Excel plug-in for seamless integration of in-house Microsoft ExcelTM spreadsheet models
  • Full audit trail of records, data, acknowledgements supporting settlement and compliance
  • Time series database tightly integrated to the system calculation engine and reporting capabilities
  • Full integration with Contigo’s ETRM system enTrader and nomination and scheduling tool enVoy

enFlow can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

enFlow Product Brochure

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