enPrice simplifies energy supply contract pricing, lowers risk and enables the production of fast, accurate quotes in seconds. It protects profit margins and gives complete confidence and transparency throughout the portfolio to the finest detail.

enPrice calculates quotes by combining defined energy costs and associated charges, such as distribution charges, transmission system costs and levies, into one simple to understand customer quote.

Sales teams are able to provide quotes and negotiate prices in real time, whilst on-site with a client and with complete confidence, improving the service offered and delivering real value to the business.

enPrice’s pricing configuration capability allows users to quickly create new pricing scenarios using a number of bulk create, update and escalate capabilities. This massively reduces the time, effort and cost of ongoing configuration and data maintenance as well as reducing risk through keying error.

The software allows businesses to analyse their portfolio position via its powerful analysis capabilities. Historical and scenario based data can be used to compare the current position against future changes caused by charge movements, market changes or variations in client usage. This allows the more effective management of portfolio risk and ensures profit margins are always secure.

enPrice is designed to handle all Power (HH / NHH) and Gas pricing requirements for multiple markets, in multiple currencies and potentially for multiple company brands from within a single application. Mass market pricing, fixed price fixed term contracts, bespoke HH pricing (including flex contracts) are all supported with ready to use technology.