enVoy simplifies the process of sending and receiving energy industry data in the European power and gas markets.  It provides a reliable, easy-to-use communications framework that enables organisations to make the necessary links and ensure that data is submitted correctly. It also seamlessly integrates with Contigo’s enTrader ETRM solution.

enVoy provides a variety of off-the-shelf modules for connecting to a number of market and system operators.

  • The enVoy ECVN module offers comprehensive management of the ECVN contract notification process between UK Power trading organisations and Elexon. This link ensures the contracted position held at Elexon is always correct with the minimum amount of user interaction.
  • The enVoy EDT module provides an interface for NGT EDT, allowing UK power generators to send various types of submission to NGT (such as Physical Notifications, Bid Offer Submissions, BODs and Parameter and Run rate data).

enVoy is primarily a server based application with access via a web browser.  All interfaces and communications occur on the server through a set of managed worker processes. This provides a robust, secure, reliable and easy to manage infrastructure.

It is designed to meet any communications changes, as all functional areas, such as changes to message flows, or the incorporation of different messaging technologies, are separated and so only require a simple change to one area of the system. This enables new industries, market rules and flows to form part of the communications framework. It also allows support for changes in message types and industry structures within the power market.