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Contigo’s accredited ECVN, EDT and EDL communication tool automates workflows to manage physical notifications and bid-offer submissions to Elexon and National Grid.


Accredited & Trusted

enVoy is an Elexon and National Grid accredited tool, designed to manage UK ECVN, EDT and EDL Physical Notifications and bid-offer submissions.

This robust, easy-to-use communications framework provides an automated workflow simplifying the process of sending and receiving energy industry data in the European power and gas markets. It can seamlessly integrate with Contigo’s enTrader ETRM solution as well as other ETRM systems. enVoy’s responsive data flow management capability provides assurance that data is submitted correctly.

ECVN EDL EDT communication tool


enVoy is a scalable solution, allowing businesses to operate individual modules and increase as required.

Contigo supports emerging and established businesses through the process of gaining Elexon CVA accreditation, completing relevant implementation and undertaking comprehensive testing of Elexon files.

ECVN EDL EDT communication tool


  • Monitor your position – ensure that your traded and notified positions match
  • Easily manage contract notifications to Elexon
  • Easily provide EDT submissions, including bids and offers to National Grid
  • Track your generation in near-real time and rapidly respond to bid offers
  • Prevent penalties by ensuring accurate, on-time submissions
  • Integrate data with your trading system

enVoy comprises of three modules

Elexon ECVN manages the contract notification process and supports all other data flow from Elexon.

The enVoy ECVN module offers comprehensive management of the ECVN contract notification process between UK Power trading organisations and Elexon. This link ensures the contracted position held at Elexon is always correct with the minimum amount of user interaction.

EDT manages all EDT data flows such as physical notifications and Bid offers to National Grid.

The enVoy EDT module provides an interface to National Grid Transco (NGT) EDT, allowing UK power generators to send various types of submission to NGT (such as Physical Notifications, Bid Offer Submissions, BODs and Parameter and Run rate data).

EDL manages all EDL data flows and supports real time dispatch with National Grid.

The enVoy EDL module provides a rich, real time view of your generation status and supports all EDL data flows. It allows you to quickly assess and respond to instructions received from National Grid. Our profile capability allows you to quickly submit changed parameters, run rates and MELs to National Grid.

“Contigo worked with us to ensure that the system would provide us with all the reports we would need and also helped us to gain CVA accreditation with Elexon to fulfil our contractual requirements.” Invenergy

Contigo’s sophisticated energy suite is offered as a fully managed service in the cloud.

Our managed service offers a host of benefits, including regular updates and ongoing software support, combined with infrastructure management.

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